The week in Belgium

Monday 23/01

We started our international week with a guided tour in our school and some getting-to-know games, since we welcomed 4 different delegations. All of the delegations were mixed so it was easy to get to know everyone. In the afternoon we started our project work. Scotland and Hungary were part of the T.E.A.M.-project (Together Everyone Achieves More) and they made plans about the interior design of their ‘school of the future’. In the evening we organized a food court with all the delegations and their parents. You were able to taste a typical dish of every country. For example Belgian fries or Scottish salmon.

Tuesday 24/01

We started our day with the project work. Our ideas finally took shape. After this, we visited Bruges. Via WhatsApp we got tips about the places we had to go to. Then when we had found the place, we had to take a selfie with it and send it to the leaders of the game. The group who had found the most places and the fastest, won.

Wednesday 25/01

Scotland and Hungary brought a visit to ‘Jules Clarysse’, which is a towel factory where they apply ‘cradle to cradle’ waste disposal. We also visited the ‘HoWest’, a Femish high school where they develop new digital and pedagogical apps to make education of the future more accessible. We were able to integrate these visits in our project work in the afternoon. We also had some free time in the afternoon so we organized a day disco for all the delegations.

Thursday 26/01

In the morning we finished our project work and thought of a way to present this in a fascinating way, since on Friday a member of the Ministry of Education would be present. In the afternoon we went to Ghent, where we discovered the city by bike. We had some fun assignments and the weather was great. We finished our day with a cozy dinner.

Friday 27/01

We started our last day of the week with the presentation of our project work. Here we explained our ideas in the presence of Mr. Jo Neirynck, a delegate for the Flemish Minister of Education and even a camera crew was present. At 2 p.m. the Scottish delegation went home. In the afternoon we prepared the bbq for in the evening together, going grocery shopping and setting up the room. In evening we had the farewell barbeque where we chatted about the week that had passed.


In our school, we have two Erasmus+ projects. One of them is the TEAM project, or Together Everyone Achieves More. Five schools, situated in Germany, Scotland, Estonia, Hungary and Belgium work together across the borders to picture what the school of the future should look like. Didactical aspects as well as ecology are the key focus in this project and the aim for our school is to incorporate the newfound ideas of the project into our new school building. The participating schools are: Tartu - Hugo Treffner Gymnasium (Estonia) Schelklingen – Urspringschule (Germany) Boedapest - Xántus János Két Tanítási Nyelvű Gyakorló Középiskola (Hungary) Thornhill - Wallace Hall Academy (Scotland) Heilig-Hartcollege Waregem (Belgium)

The Hungarian Blog

Tuesday 11th of October

In the morning we stood up early to get to school. As always we went by public transport. Having a car here is not necessary, and that helps the feeling of freedom. Everybody of all ages can get wherever they have to go in this busy city. Once at school we started our project, we went in the streets and filmed multiple things. We didn't only want the viewer to see that we had a good time, we also wanted to make them feel the marvelous atmosphere in the city. We did it with shots of ourselves in the old city center. In the afternoon we went to a World War 2 hospital. You instantly get a cold feeling thinking about the cruelties that took place There. After this we wanted it to sink in a bit and went to eat traditional Hungarian food: lángos.


Wednesday 12th of October

Today we started with our projectwork. We were allowed to go to the library to practice our roleplay which we have to present in front of the students. Our project work is about the do's and dont's of a job interview. After lunch we went to the parlement of Hungary. It is the 2nd biggest one in Europe after the House of Lords in London. The tour within the parlement was very interesting because we saw the crown of Hungary. It's called the Szent Korona, at that same moment we saw the change of guards. The change was very small and simple but it was a nice experience. It was really nice to do something like this. The parlement itself is like a castle and the inside of it is magnificent. There are so many decorations. It is certainly something we can advise other people to go visit. After the visit we were free and we went for a walk in Budapest with our exchange students.


The Belgian delegation

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