Sunday 12/02

Today was our last day in Vaasa so we didn’t plan to do anything special. We took  breakfast and I did our usual walk into the forest to let the dogs out. I also had time to eat a small lunch with a more festive meal to end the week. But then we had to prepare our luggage for the flight that left at around 15 o’clock. We had 2 good flights from Vaasa to Stockholm and then to Brussels. At the airport in Vaasa we could eat a tasty burger from the fast food restaurant Max (Swedish). It really was an amazing week for every one of us.

Friday 10 Feb

In the morning we had an excursion to Stundars Open Air Museum where we made bread, butter and a butterknife. The museum is built as how it would have looked 100 years ago. When we came back we had the Swedish specialty: meatballs. After lunch we had the film release and the Oscar nomination. The film of Ona, Iris and Sophie won. It was called 'Stress'. A really fun thing to do was the Zumba lesson. Everyone participated and we laughed a lot. The highlight of the evening was the Ice Hockey game. It was Vasa Sport against the Pelicans. Of course Vaasa Sport won with 4-2. It was a very nice experience because no one had seen an ice hocky match before. We were trying to sing along but that was a bit difficult. After the Ice Hockey game we went to Nellie's grandparents house and got a 'chill' party. Zoe wullaert

Thursday 9/2

Today we had the chance to follow 2 classes. After that we had lunch: chickennuggets with rice. Then we went to Bjorko, an island in Korsholm, where we visited a sound studio. This was very interesting because you don't always have the chance to see how such a studio really works and looks from inside. We also made a walk to Bjorko and Kvarken, a big natural place where you could see the frozen sea and also walk on it. In spite of the cold through the walk, it was very nice and beautiful to see the nature. After that we all went home at ate something. In the evening we went ice skating with the whole group, we had a good time.

Iris Derycke

Tuesday 07/02

It was -18 degrees, probably the coldest day of our stay in Vasa. Before noon, we had some project work with Erik assisting us. We filmed parts of the movie that we are making. There are 4 groups of 6 people, and I think it´s nice to work together in a smaller group, in this way we´re bonding with the Finnish people. We had a lot of fun making it. After that, we ate lunch at school. On the menu, there were fishpatties, potatoes and a saladbar. We don´t have fishpatties in Belgium, so it was a little bit weird to us.The school baked a typically Finnish cake for Louis's birthday and we watched the Finnish people doing their äldstes dans practise for the prom they´re going to have next week. The Belgian people had the chance to winter bathe, but the Finnish people scared us because the water was really cold. The walk to it was really nice and relaxing, we were a little bit nervous but still very excited. It was really nice to first go into the sauna, and when it got too hot, we jumped into the water. It was really hard to stay into the water, but everyone did it and it felt really good and healthy.


Monday 06/02

We woke up with -10 degrees, but still very excited for our first school day at Vasa Övningsskolas Gymnasium. We found out that their school is a lot smaller than ours, something around 350 students and in Belgium we are 1800 students. We started the day with presenting both schools for each other and played an easy game to learn a bit of Swedish. After that we started to plan for our Erasmus project in groups and had lunch in school. A guide toured us in Vasa’s theater and showed us different stages and details with what is happening behind the scenes. Today was supposed to be a family night but me Nellie, Victoria and Zoë went to Nellie’s grandparents' place and jumped into the jacuzzi, after that we also tried to make snow angels. It was interesting to see the differences between their and our school and how things work here in Vasa. 

Sunday 05/02

My day started when I woke up at 10:30. I slept a little bit longer because the night before we had had a litte party with all the exchange students. We had a lot of fun and we got to know each other better. So when I woke up today I first had breakfast. The mother of Fanny made croissants which were very tasty! After breakfast we went for a walk with the dogs to get some fresh air to start the day. After the walk we had to get ready to go to the bowling activity. It was very nice to play the games, but I wasn't that good at it. I just didn't manage to get a strike. After the bowling we went to eat in a restaurant nearby. I chose a French burger which was delicious. It was also nice to have a good talk with the exchange students. We left the place at 17:00 and went to Matias' house to chat a little bit more. I came home half an hour later, tired but satisfied. I am looking forward forward to the next day of this amazing trip. 

Friday 3 Februari 2017

Today was a hard day, we stood up in the early hours and at 5.30 we left by train to Zaventem. Once we arrived in the airport, everything went very fast: we first had breakfast and afterwards we checked in. Still you see what the terrorist attacks did to Brussels airport because there are still a lot of soldiers around. From Brussels airport we flew straight to Stockholm, we had a very good flight. When we arrived in Stockholm we ate a lot of burgers, the flight was delayed because of the bad weather. We could leave when the plane was deiced, but we flew with a smaller airplane than normal (foto). When we landed in Vaasa our exchange students were already waiting for us at the airport. In the beginning we were all very nervous but it quickly became very familiar and I felt immediately at home in my Finnish family.

Saturday 4 februari 2017

I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was the snow from outside my window. We had a typical Finnish breakfast with dark bread cheese, ham, cucumber and tomatoes. It was delicious. Today was a family day so everyone stayed with their host family. We went for a 4km walk in the forest around a frozen lake. You only hear your footsteps in the snow. It was very quiet. We had lunch and went to the city center. Where we met some other exchange students. In the evening everyone went to Fanny's house, we ate pizza and talked together. The ice was immediately broken. The Finnish people are very hospitable. We had a fantastic party.  

Sophie De Waele


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