Scholengemeenschap Sint-Paulus

Aan de bron


"There is no Planet B". De wijze woorden van Ban Ki-Moon en meteen de insteek van een Erasmus+-project. Wij stuurden een delegatie leerlingen naar Urspring, Schelklingen, de heimat van het project om er samen met Estse leerlingen rond het project te werken. 

Zondag 06/10


Today we had brunch from 10 until 12 o'clock so we could sleep a little bit longer. The brunch was delicious. After that we spend some time with some of the exchange students. At 14 pm we met each other in front of the school to go to the train station by a van. When we were there, we took the train to Ulm and did some shopping. After that we took the bus to do some ice skating but when we arrived it was closed so we just drank a hot chocolate in the bar. After this nice trip we went back to school. Then we had some leisure time, but we met each other at 20 pm in the basketball station and played basket with the exchange students. After this long and interesting day we went to bed because next day we had to get up early to work on the project about climate change in different countries.


Maandag 07/10


Today we worked on the project which is about the climate change. We had to be in class at 7:40 and then we discussed the extreme weather conditions in the countries that participate in the project, namely Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Scotland and Belgium. At 9:15 we had breakfast and got a guided tour of the school and at 13 o ́clock we had lunch. From 15:15 we were free to do what we wanted. Some of us went horseback riding and some went to the supermarket. We will prepare some things like chocolate mousse for this evening because there is a food court where every country shows his specialities. We brought some chocolate, waffles, cookies, cuberdons, cheese and pate. We are already looking forward to taste the specialities of the other countries.

Meer activiteiten

Er gebeurt nogal wat op onze school: sport, cultuur, ontspanning, internationale uitwisselingen en excursies, … voor, tijdens en na de lessen. Bekijk hier de foto’s van de meest recente activiteiten.
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