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Erasmus+: The Scottish Week


Monday 26/3

We started the week with a tour around the school. We showed them the new building the school is going to build and danced in our gym classes. The Scottish people think it is a big and modern school. We started off with the project work. Everyone has their own group and do different things. At 11.15 we went to eat at our school cafeteria and the food was great. Then we went into the city and showed them Waregem a bit. We went back to school to work further on our project and then we started preparing the food court. We invited our parents to have a taste of the traditional Scottish dishes. After that we went for a drink in Waregem. It was a good start of the amazing time we will have with them!

Tuesday 27/2

In the morning we did projectwork. In the afternoon we went to Bruges by train. We did a photo search. And made a task. The winner won a 50 euro voucher for eating.We also had a little free time. In the evening we went to a restaurant. Then we took the train back to waregem.

Wednesday 28/2

Today we went to the Hippowar Museum in Waregem. We got to know the history from Waregem in WOI.  We walked back to school and had lunch. After that, we had a free afternoon. Most of us went to visit Ghent. There were also pupils who went to Ypres or Antwerp.  We had some free time and enjoyed one anothers company.

Thursday 1/3

Today we left school at 9.30. We went with the bus to Barco, the high tech company. I think everyone was impressed how cool the company is. First we went to the theatre where we saw some 3D-trailers from Pirates Of The Carribean and Star Wars. It was really good quality and impressing. Then we went to a room with all the screens and the massive curve screen. There was also a virtual reality room and we could all test it. The health care room was also interesting, Barco has very good products. The entertainment room was also really cool. Just knowing that Barco has products all over the world is so impressing and it’s very nice we could visit it. We ate in Barco and then went to the Vlasmuseum. It was an interesting museum and you could actually do things. After that we went to the centre of Kortrijk for some shopping and drinking. It was a really good day.

Friday 2/3

At our last day we started off with project work. We had to give presentations for other pupils. We had our last lunchtime together and it was lasagne. J We spent the last hours watching a movie and then it was time to say goodbye. Most of us had it difficult to leave their exchange student and the group.

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