Het Land van Vuur en Ijs


Onze zesdejaarsleerlingen uit 6LW2, 6LE en 6ST zijn nog tot 13 november te gast in Reykjavik. Ze werken daar over de grenzen heen samen met een delegatie uit Sykkylven, Noorwegen aan het Erasmus+-project Crossroads with the Future.

We vroegen hen om een verslag neer te pennen van hun belevenissen in het mythische IJsland, land van trollen, elfjes en andere fabelachtige wezens. Hun bevindingen!


Weekend report

On Saturday we went downtown. It was really cold. Then we went with the whole group looking for some waterfalls. It was really dark so we couldn't see it that well, but it was really nice. Because of the water from the waterfall everything was frozen so it was quite a dangerous thing to walk there. We saw the northern light and the milky way. I felt so happy seeing that.
Then on Sunday we went to the Blue Lagoon. The weather was really bad, that was a pity. But it was so nice and beautiful and I enjoyed it so much. The water from the Blue Lagoon was very warm and we got a face mask as well. So that was a nice end of the week :)

Jasmien Van Compernolle


Vrijdag 10 november 2017

This day was a special day for me, it was my 18th birthday! I stood up with such a great feeling because I had an amazing ghettobal yesterday. As we went to school it snowed so I had an amazing winterfeeling. We continued the projectwerk and finished almost by noon. Then we went to the shopping mall to eat Chinese. I went with Atlí, Matteo, Samuel, Nökkvi and Syver. It was nice because I could eat with my bros. Then we went back to school and finished our projectwork. After an emotional final speech by Brynia, the leader of the project, we went out to the mountains to play with Atlí 's selfmade sled. It was so much fun. A moment I’ll never forget in my life. After that we went back home and we prepared for my birthday party. It was so nice. I’ll never forget this day and whole exchange period.

Maxime Vandecandelaere


Donderdag 9 november 2017

We went downtown in Reykjavík and we visited a little church. The style of the church was the same as we have in Belgium. It was nice to just walk through the streets while it was snowing. In the evening there was a school prom. The theme of the party was 'Ghetto!. You could really see the with our Bal van het College. Everyone was wearing ghettoclothes. You couldn't drink anything at the party and there was only Icelandic rapmusic. I prefer our parties, actually. ;)

Emma Vandenheed


Woensdag 8 november 2017

Woensdag gingen we op uitstap  naar Hveragerði, Geysir, Gullfoss en Þingvellir geweest. We genoten van de prachtige natuur van IJsland. De geisers waren zeer spectaculair, we hebben er enkele zien uitbarsten, ook Gullfoss was wonderbaarlijk: een prachtige en grote waterval. Beide natuurfenomenen maken deel uit van de befaamde Golden Triangle, een must voor toeristen.

Matteo Devos



Dinsdag 7 november 2017

Tuesday the Belgian and Icelandic students went swimming in Laugardalslaug. An outside swimming pool with two waterslides, numerous hot tubs and a steam bath. We really enjoyed the hot water because it was relaxing after the hard day's work. We have become one very close group. We won’t ever forget this beautiful moment. After this we went to Heiðmörk, where we climbed the rocks at night. We had a beautiful view in the dark and saw the many lights of the city. We had a lot of fun and the icing on the cake was seeing the northern lights.

Andrea Maelfait


Maandag 6 november 2017

Monday was a day to never forget. The flight to Iceland lasted approximately three hours and when we arrived at the airport and drove to the capital city, there was one remarkable difference. Here in Iceland you have a beautiful view over the landscape and that's something you don’t often see in Belgium. In our country, everything is built so much closer together. After we had enjoyed the ride to Reykjavik, we all went to the school and met both the Icelandic and the Norwegian students. Our evening activity was bowling and we had a lot of fun. Afterwards, we went to a nice hotdog place where we discovered a local delicacy. Satisfied with the wonderful day, we all went to our host families and enjoyed a well-deserved night.

Chloé Desmet

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