Op expeditie aan de Russische grens


There is no Planet B. Een trieste waarheid en meteen ook het uitgangspunt van een lopend Erasmsu+-project. De startmeeting daartvoor gaat door in Tartu, Estland, en een delegatie uit 6EC tekent meteen present.

Maandag 30/09


We started our day with a walk trough the school, where we saw the most important things of the whole school: they have a sauna and a historical museum in the school, these are like kind of unique things because usually they don’t have such things in a school. Then after the tour we had a small warm-up were we did some physical exercises and some games to get to know each other better. When the session ended we had our groups to work for the whole week. After that we went to the room where we will work on the project. In the afternoon the Estonians first presented their country. After that there was a guy who gave a bit more information about the digital story we have to make from our project.


Dinsdag 01/10


Today we continued working on our digital story: it is a nice but long assignment. In the afternoon we visited a local farm where they grow all the herbs themselves we also got special sandwiches that were filled with carrots or minced meat, those with minced meat were very tasty I like them a lot. Besides the fact that we visited the farm we took the bus to a large forest with a swamp. In that swamp there was a footpath where we could walk on so we wouldn't sag. It was a very nice environment to watch unfortunately we do not have such a thing in Belgium. Once we were back in Tartu we decided to go to a shopping mall together with our exchange students, where we bought souvenirs for our parents at home. Today was a very nice day and I hope and think that many more of these days will come, I am looking forward to it.


Woensdag 02/10


The day started with the continuation of our project work on our nutrition. After that we did a historical walk in the city of Tartu. Then we did a search in which we had to take a picture of each statue with all the members on it. You could earn extra points by spotting a dog, a yellow car or a church and experiencing a selfie. At 12:30 the Scots set up their presentation. They talked about their country and their school. This gave us a better idea of the situation in Scotland. In the afternoon we received information about organic food. Finally, we went to a restaurant, where we ate typical Estonian dishes.


Donderdag 03/10


Today we got an explanation of two hours about Fairtrade. It was a bit tedious but we did get a lot of information. Afterwards we were able to continue working on our project, we had to continue working because we have to submit it on Friday. One of the Estonians had a Kahoot! made about the presentations of the three countries. He asked 7 questions per country and it was an interesting quiz. We also went to a local food bank with the Belgians and our hosts. A food bank is a place where older food is provided for people who are struggling financially and therefore do not have to pay for it. It is food that is about to be destroyed and therefore less food is wasted. After the food bank we went home and we held a "movie night" at one of the Estonians.


Vrijdag 04/10


On friday we brought the last adjustments to our project work after which we all went to play petanque in the basement of the school. After lunch at school we went to the auditorium to look at each group's project work videos, and to ask some questions. After that we each got our certificate of exchange and a last thank you to everybody who worked at the project. Around 3 o'clock we went to AHHAA, AHHAA is kind of the technopolis of Estonia. There we could all do fun things related to science and technology like riding a bicycle on a rope around 6 meters above the ground. Friday evening was also our last evening in Estonia, of which we made a nice evening with all the exchange students together.

Je kan de resultaten hier bekijken: local food, how to reduce food, which is more, no time to waste, fair trade.

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