Scholengemeenschap Sint-Paulus

internationale meeting op het college


Van 16 tot 23 maart verwelkomen we maar liefst 6 verschillende internationale delegaties op onze school. Ze werken in het Biblab rond twee verschillende Erasmus+-projecten, en dat met de steun van Stad Waregem, de KULAK, Hangar K en... wereldbedrijf Ubisoft. De leerlingen gaan oa de nieuwe Assassin's Creed Discovery Tour op zijn educatieve waarde testen... Een verslag!


Day 1 (Friday): When all the exchange students arrived at the station we were enthusiastic to see all of them again. It had been a longer time since the Basque people and their hosts had seen each other so they went home to get to know each other a little bit better.


Day 2 (Saturday): On Saturday the Basque students went to Antwerp and the Norwegian students went to Ostend. It was cold so walking in the city or at the beach wasn’t that nice. All of us ate at a restaurant, they all enjoyed it and the food was very good. In the evening we went to at someone’s place to play some games like ping-pong and listened to some good music.


Day 3 (Sunday): In the evening most of the delegations went bowling and it was nice to do an activity with all different nationalities. It was a nice weekend with all the different delegations and despite the bad weather we all had a great time and enjoyed it. Because of the nice weekend all of us were looking forward to the week and we hope the week will be as much fun like the weekend or even better.


Day 4 (Monday): Today was the start of the projct week. We set our own work spaces in the Biblab and started working on both Erasmus-projects. The TEAM-project had to start up the marketing campaign for an innovative company, the Crossroads-team had to test software and digital innovations. Afterwards, we had a food court at the school, this means that every delegation made food that is typical for their country. The delegation from Spain made the Spanish omelet which is a tradition in Spain and was really good. It is typically Spanish because in other countries they don't eat omelets that often. They also made Garrotes which is chocolate in a roll of bread. The delegation from Norway made Laksewrap and Brunost (Brown cheese). Laksewrap is salmon wrapped in a tortilla with different sauces and chives. Brunost is brown cheese it is actually the same as normal cheese but it has more of a brown color and it tastes more like caramel and it’s more “sticky”. The people from Belgium obviously made French Fries which is typically Belgium and they also presented Cuberdons which is Belgian candy shaped like a cone but in Belgium they say it looks like a “nose”, the outer layer is hard and the inside is rather soft and a bit like jelly. The delegation from Iceland made Flatkökur and Hjúpur. Flatkökur is Icelandic flatbread, Icelandic butter and a slice of smoked Icelandic lamb. Hjúpur is Icelandic marzipan covered in Icelandic licorice, covered in Icelandic chocolate. The delegation from Hungary made sandwiches with typical Hungarian sausages in it and pepper. The delegation of Germany made a special drink of Germany called spezi It’s a mix of cola and fanta and also a dish “bread with black forrest ham” typically German. The delegation of Estonia made Kohuke: a special dessert with curd filling and chocolate coating. So there was a lot of food at the food court on Monday and everyone was trying the food of all the different delegations, everyone had a good time and also the parents enjoyed the food.


Day 5 (Wednesday) 

On Wednesday 21 of March we went to Kortrijk. We first followed a lecture about Hangar K, presented by the founder Piet Verhoeve  in the university of Kortrijk, called the Kulak. 
Hangar K is a building – a renovated train station -  in Kortrijk where recently started companies and big entrepreneurs meet each other. With this concept they want to be the first in West-Flanders to have the ambition to give a chance to recently started entrepreneurs. The reason he started this project was because a lot of young people who have studied, leave their region (Kortrijk) and so the big companies around Kortrijk cannot find new and talented employees. After Hangar K, we obviously went home and didn’t do anything naughty, because we are all intelligent and responsible people. Then we went to ‘De Treffer’ in Waregem where we had dinner. 

Day 6 (Thursday)
Today was the day Ubisoft came to present their Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour. We were going to test the game to its educatuonal value. The combination of work and play proved to be a good one and we tested Assassin’s Creed together with some other innovations in the informatics department: we phoned into a lecture at the nearby university KULAK as well with the help of our Barco-partner and we discussed educational needs for the 21st century. In the afternoon we went on our own discovery tour in Ghent.