Scholengemeenschap Sint-Paulus

Boeda Express


Op 17 februari vertrok een delegatie leerlingen naar grootstad Boedapest voor het Erasmus+-project TEAM. Volg hier hun avonturen in de stad met het bekendste parlement ter wereld.

Day 1

Our adventure began around 8 a.m. in Waregem. We were all ready to go to Brussels Charleroi. Around 13.30 p.m. we were in Budapest where our exchange students were already waiting for us. Everyone went with their exchange student to settle in at their new home. Some exchange students went to a restaurant and some just stayed home and got to know a few typical dishes of Budapest. In the evening we all got together and drank something while getting to know each other a little bit better. The drinks en foods are very different here so we got to know a lot of new stuff even if it was the first day. It was snowing in Budapest and the exchange students said that we were very lucky to see Budapest like this in the snow. It was a really beautiful and exciting day.


Day 2

It's our second day in Budapest. We could sleep a little bit longer because we were tired of the flight. We have visited the Ghellert-hill today. At the top you have the liberty statue. There we had a nice view over the city. You could nicely see the two parts of Budapest and the river. Budapest is really known for its spas, so we have visited one. You had a lot of different baths with different temperatures. It was really relaxing. You had three different kinds of saunas and we tried all of them.

Day 3

Today was the first real day of our exchange. The morning started quite early for some of us around 6u30. After we met up with everyone we went to a classroom were we got a little information and then our hosts gave us a presentation about what’s special about Hungary. Then we played our  introduction on how the life is in Waregem. The next agenda point was a tour in the whole school. Then we worked in groups on our assignment about social media. For lunch we ate rice with fried cauliflower.  In the afternoon we did a little sightseeing to Heroes' Square and the citadel. That was our time with school. With the group we went out for a little bowling game with a lot of fun and competition. 

Day 4

We woke up around 7 o'clock because we had to be at school around 8:30. The whole morning we worked on the project. We watched an episode of Black Mirror, which was about social media. We also discussed about phone addiction. After that we had a conversation about the gender stereotypes in communication. Around 3 o'clock we went to the Invisible Exhibition. It was an exhibition about blindness and how to live with it. It was a really nice and interesting experience. After this activity we were free to go and spend the rest of the day with our hosts. First we went to an escape room, which apparently was invented in Hungary. We tried to get out of a room that was inspired on the movie 'Saw'. Fortunately we didn't make it in one hour and we had to be liberated. 

Day 5

Our day started very early today. The first challenge of the day was to get to school by public transport. Once arrived, we started our projectwork, which was about internet addictions. We made a presentation with positive and negative sides of social media and another group made a dictionary with multiple words about social media. At 10.30 we learned a Hungarian folkdance, the sports teacher taught us some typical dances. It was very fun but really tiring. In the afternoon we visited the Houses of Parliament, we also saw the crown jewels. We got a nice tour around with a guide. She told us that they used 41 kg of gold leaves for the decoration in the parliament. She also showed us the crown jewels, the chamber and also the lion’s gate. It was very impressive. After the tour we were free to go, we ate at a nice Italian restaurant and chilled / shopped at the city centre. We also visited the big Saint Stephen’s basilica. It was very impressive with a lot of decorations inside. 

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